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Fix Linksys Velop with Cisco SG 200-08

My network topology: router > managed switch(Cisco SG 200-08) > Linksys Velop WHW0301 x 4 (bridge mode).

I configured all 4 velop nodes through the mobile app, turn on bridge mode. then only the parent velop node is working, all other 3 child nodes can’t be connected. After google search, i found that Linksys Velop require vlan with id 3 and 4 configured in managed switch as mentioned in this article.

Here is the vlan configuration process of Cisco SG 200-08:

1. open VLAN Management > Create VLAN, create two vlan with id 3 and 4.

2. open VLAN Management > Port To VLAN, make sure the ports velop connected are members of vlan 3 and 4, tagged should also be checked.

My homelab 2021

Devices inside shoebox

1. UPS APC BK650

2. Optical modem

3. OpenWrt router

Specs of the router: Intel N4200 1.1GHz 4 core, 4GB RAM, Intel i211 x 4, 120G SSD Disk

Firmware: OpenWrt 19.07 X86 built with glibc (enable openwrt to run common linux binary)

4. LINKSYS VELOP WHW0301 (running in birdge mode)

5. Cisco SG200-08 8-Port Managed Switch

Devices near my desk
Devices near my desk

1. LINKSYS VELOP WHW0301 (running in birdge mode)

2. AirPort Time Capsule (will be replaced by new NAS)

3. USB 3.1 HDD CASE (will be replaced by new NAS)

4. Synology 218 play (Consider upgrading to Synology 4-6 bays model)

5. Cisco SG90D-08 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch (I like the blinking LEDs)

6. Raspberry pi 3b (running Zerotier client)

7. UPS APC BK650M2