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Fix Linksys Velop with Cisco SG 200-08

My network topology: router > managed switch(Cisco SG 200-08) > Linksys Velop WHW0301 x 4 (bridge mode).

I configured all 4 velop nodes through the mobile app, turn on bridge mode. then only the parent velop node is working, all other 3 child nodes can’t be connected. After google search, i found that Linksys Velop require vlan with id 3 and 4 configured in managed switch as mentioned in this article.

Here is the vlan configuration process of Cisco SG 200-08:

1. open VLAN Management > Create VLAN, create two vlan with id 3 and 4.

2. open VLAN Management > Port To VLAN, make sure the ports velop connected are members of vlan 3 and 4, tagged should also be checked.